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This was a unique resurrection, we were asked to design a representative and timeless garment for Silvana. A skirt that could be used on different occasions and that could identify with her.

We share her experience with DOS

Walking with a skirt that covers my ankles usually I do not do it, however DOS seduced me to break my routine and give me the possibility of making myself feel unique and extraordinary with a garment that bears my own name, which better brand than to be represented with my name.

It is not just my ideas, my hobbies or the things that I select every day that speaks for me, it is also through one-person fashion that I have the opportunity to express my own lifestyle and emotions.

When I wear my resurrected garment reaffirms a unique woman style, who likes fashion breaking the routine with the traditional but maintaining a sober dye that gives me the opportunity to excel, this experience managed to make me feel special and different, because I feel that I inspire to those around me and looking for different alternatives.

Thank you DOS for helping to build my own style that frees me from my conventional and massive fashion schemes.

Hours of Work
Pieces of Same Garment
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