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This was a special resurrection, Rocio exchanged his favorite jacket with his best friend. The garment had more than 8 years of abandonment and they decided to do it with DOS. This garment was completely resurrected, redesigned, repaired and customized to give it a second life.

We share her experience with DOS

I never thought a garment could tell a story. That is why when I discovered DOS I felt that I was facing a challenge. I looked in my closet and there it was, that denim jacket that passed with me throughout the institute. I didn’t even buy it, my best friend’s sister gave it to me when she was little.

That jacket lived a thousand adventures with me: my first outings, my stressful times of exams, that mythical trip through Italy, the first European Championship that Spain won … And I discovered that the clothes did have story that jacket had it and that was the reason I was still hanging in my closet. The stories deserve to return to those people who created them, and reflecting, I realised that that story had not written it alone: ​​I met Rocío with 12 years, when we got lost in that new institute looking for our music class. And I realised all those adventures that I associated with the jacket we lived together.

After Rocío Institute and I have continued to share a thousand adventures and I cannot wait to continue writing our story together. Giving my best friend and companion this Resurrection is one of the most special things I have ever done and I thank God infinitely for the opportunity to create such beautiful moments and memories through a garment.

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