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They asked us to rescue this jacket, it had very few days of use, it was practically new and it was completely destroyed. In DOS we repair and customise it so Eliana could use it as she deserves.

We share her experience with DOS

The first time I saw the bomber jacket in the store I fell in love, I loved the print and it was reversible, a super versatile garment. This jacket quickly became one of my most beloved garments, has traveled with me to 4 different countries and together we have lived many adventures in a very short time.

My beloved jacket began to go out of style and break down very quickly, I thought it was because of the use it gave, but the truth was that I had not been with me for any time, in the end I had to stop using it and decided to save the jacket, joined To the club of the darling but forgotten garments, I met doS and decided to give my garment a second chance, they took care of recreating my jacket in a personalized way, I even incorporated stories and memories to the garment making it even more dear, my experience with DOS was Wonderful, they managed to recapture the love I had for my jacket and at the same time produce a totally unique garment just for me.

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