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This was a special resurrection, Ana exchanged her favourite jacket with her best friend. The garment had more than 7 years of abandonment and they decided to do it with DOS. This garment was completely resurrected, redesigned, repaired and customised to give it a second life.

We share her experience with DOS

Although I will never recognise it in public, I think things have a soul. Somehow what we live with them are forever printed on their thread, on their atoms. That’s why it’s hard for me to say goodbye to things and throw them away. I feel that with that action a part of the story is erased forever and therefore I treasure a million things that only have meaning for me.

Getting rid of my first leather jacket, a perfect garlic that I bought in the first race was not an easy decision. However, knowing that forever I would take my story and that it would happen to a person who was going to value it, changed my point of view.

Ana knows more than anyone what we laughed and cried while I was wearing that jacket. From the classrooms of the faculty to want and be, our digital marketing agency that we founded at the end of the race. That’s why I want her to wear my favourite jacket now, so that every time she puts it on, she takes a little piece of me, of our story and knows that together we are capable of everything.

Thank you DOS for creating art pieces with stories that become unique gifts!

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Pieces of Same Garment
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