Be part of the design of your clothes

In DOS we believe in the power of people who want to devise, create and participate for a collaborative fashion with ethical, social and environmental awareness. We open this space for all conscious creatives who want to participate in the redesign with DOS collectively and creatively. If you are interested and want to participate do not hesitate to contact us, we will love to know more about you.

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Donate your clothes.

Do you have a lot of clothes? Don’t feel bad, we have to act and look creatively and consciously how to improve. With DOS it is possible to make better decisions, because thinking about your future involves thinking about everyone’s, if you have many things and you don’t know what to do with them, in DOS we receive everything you no longer need, we will take care of recycling it and recover it to give it the second opportunity it deserves. Contact us and we will explain how to do it, we will love to help you.

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It´s Time for Change.

Small changes make big differences.