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Being fashionable is no longer fashionable. It is not about chasing trends and trying to fit into them, quite the opposite, our challenge is now much more interesting: it is about identifying our true style without following anyone, managing to highlight what makes us truly unique and developing a ability to unlearn the badly learned. The information now belongs to everyone. ¡Ok! Not all, but much that we didn’t have much access to before. Each time we have more detailed data of each decision we make and for this reason we face to see what was not shared before.

We face a physical crisis in much of our own human creation. We enter the circle of buying and buying falling into the vicious circuit of garments that pass without penalty or glory to be part of the deterioration of the environment. We believe that buying satisfies us, makes us happier, but the reality is that it doesn’t. For example, in Spain more than 900 thousand tons of textile waste arrive at landfills. 90% of textile waste is discarded. Do we believe that buying clothes really satisfies us? If this is only in Spain imagine how much is wasted in the world, creepy truth?

We dress to feel good, handsome, elegant, adequate, flashy, discreet. But at what cost are we really taking it? From what we see on TV, in magazines, or on Instagram. We cannot claim to consume clothes at the speed of light or better, at the speed of an Instagram. Each garment, accessory or product has a cycle and a period of life, do you know the time it takes to decompose your clothes? To get an idea: 1 polyester shirt can take more than 200 years to decompose. That is a long time, don’t you think?

We suffer from this historical heritage, which is much more evident every day before our eyes. It can no longer be hidden, we need to learn new ways of doing things, reaching a balance between us and the resources provided by the earth. It is now our duty to rethink how to build a clear image of sustainable balance between us and our ecosystem.

We invite you to buy responsibly, inquiring very well why you need it and if you are really going to use it. The first few times require a great effort, the truth is that it is not easy, but making better choices leaves great results, relax then you will assimilate it and it will leave you practically innate.

Dare to break these old schemes!

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