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Garage Sales

For different reasons in life I have had to learn to say goodbye in different ways, some easy and others that cost much more.

If the secret formula existed to say goodbye, I would believe that the magic of learning to see things in different perspectives would be lost. Sometimes we believe that we are loving something with great intensity, but the truth is that they are only strong attachments for the shared, the lived and for what was stopped. Many times letting go is also opening the doors to let new things and ideas arrive, because that’s how my story began with “DOS” discovering that what was old for me, for someone else was something completely new.

Without searching and in the most natural way I developed a skill in making garage sales. Even my first resale was an auction with my dad’s clothes. At that time I did not understand what I was doing, but I participated in it with all the energy and attitude to resell everything that was at that time. After a few years, he had already sold four resales to absolute success, although I confess that at that moment I still didn’t understand what he was doing, I saw it as a solution to everything I had to solve at that time. Despite having made garage sales due to different circumstances, life puts me back to resale # 5. I knew it was the last one at that time because I was in search of a radical change and the truth surprised me because I left two great lessons and it was the beginning of that great change I was looking for.

The first was that I faced my disagreement and my total disconnection with what I really was. I was facing a closet that was scary just seeing it: it was full of infinite things, clothes and shoes that even I didn’t remember having. My feeling was horrible, I felt terrible; I looked like an “addict” but in clothes. The lack of purpose for what he bought scared. It was a strange thing because since I was a child I was passionate about fashion and I always knew that I wanted to be part of it. It was so much love, that I even studied fashion design. But what was happening to me if it was precisely what I wanted most? When did I disconnect? To buy clothes, use it once or twice more and now! Direct to the closet that kept sorrows and great loves. I disconnected at the time that fashion also disconnected and became industrial productions, leaving aside its entire value chain, it was clear that I had been seduced by its darker side, but deep down I always knew that everything Negative side has its positive side, I faced that I could continue to want a sense fashion in a different way; with ethics, with values ​​and that could contribute value being part of its transformation, leaving aside the victimhood for an unconscious fashion without value like “fast fashion” and betting on a conscious fashion with meaning.

The second and last lesson was that I discovered how to learn to travel lighter, to reassess and understand why I needed something or pledge. Although it wasn’t just that, that great moment was the beginning of a radical lifestyle change and the beginning of “DOS-believe in second chances”. I’m still in it, but now much lighter and without much weight, betting on a fashion with culture, qualified and transparent suitable for all and being able to be sustainable over time. To finish and not leave them with the intrigue that was the strongest resale of all, I sold up my socks absolutely everything and the best was not for what was sold, quite the opposite, the best was for the feeling that I left when I released everything. The luggage you didn’t need to be able to keep walking, share again naturally and remember that what is old for you for another is new, is one of the best sensations you can enjoy. This is a road that we all build, I invite you to be part of this great change that we are living at this moment because we do not need to see to believe, we have to believe to see.

Because when you let go of everything that doesn’t do you good, you appear, sometimes it hurts, but what about sustaining the unsustainable?

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