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How are DOS labels?

That your clothes tell their story is now possible!

Despite seeing the inner label as something uncomfortable, and even being the first part that you customize instantly with a cut in seconds that you throw into the basket of a new garment, it is the most important part. No one has taught us to interpret them, but neither does it need to be an expert to understand them. The labels expose important information on how to make good use of your clothes, shows us the travel route of where, how and who worked on that garment. However, no one has allowed us to personalize and give a place to all the stories that each garment accompanies us, so that “DOS” found transforming that small place differently to reconnect with your favorite clothes or with the favorites of someone else; Achieving good decisions when something new lands at home is rewarding.

Our labels are 100% personalized and expressly designed for you to write some good story lines that you want to tell us about your garment. That brand jacket that you bought with your first salary, the coat you inherited from your mother, the leather jacket that lived with you your first kiss … In short, that reason why that garment hangs in your closet and the reason why which one would you take with you to the end of the world.

Do you know how to send it to us? On our website you will find the form to fill it out, you send us the garment to which you want to give that special value and we make the impression on the doS style label with your story and your favorite garment. It is the simplest intervention we can do from DOS, it is a good way to remember again what connects you and makes you feel good.

With our label you will transform that garment into something unique forever, you will capture that feeling that inspires you into something tangible and you will remember why you have always loved it. You can even take advantage of and give that garment to another person, to the one who lived your story or who is going through something similar and you think that that unique jacket or coat can empower her and help her to go through a bad or good drink.

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