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What is a resurrection?

We transform, redesign and recycle clothes with history into new love products!

The story through a resurrection

The resurrections are that great love we once had but that life moved away from our path, not because it was bad, but because it simply did not connect you enough to continue loving you as we usually do when we connect from the heart. Sometimes your soulmate is not the one who stays with you but the one who teaches you things, transforms you and then leaves. This space is created to invite you to give yourself a second chance with garments that you have as a treasure in the back of your closet and that you look in the company of “DOS” how to reconnect with them, perhaps for you those treasures have lost their charm or you simply feel that something is missing, but nevertheless those “keepers” contain information that for you is still very valuable.

DOS is a space created to relive the love that exists between that great treasure and what you lived with it in a different way, each garment you have in your closet is loaded with unique stories that are only yours and that when you see them they evoke everything kind of memories touching your heart; like your first high heels, the sweater that accompanied you the first day of class or the jacket you wore in that unique concert …

A resurrection consists in restoring, re-adapting and incorporating new elements into your garment so that it becomes a much more meaningful and rewarding element for you so that you can love it again as the first time. In each resurrection you have the opportunity to write some lines of history that you lived with that garment, since we do not know who benefits from our own stories. Additionally, two will be in charge of leaving your original story printed at your resurrection, when the garment comes back to you, you decide if you want to keep it, if you want to give it to someone you think you can understand its meaning or if you want to donate it to the community to Empower another person who can identify with you and thus give life to something or someone that for you “YES” has meaning.

No matter how many times they tell you or show you how or what it should be used, what really matters is how you want to feel and what you want to communicate.

Dare to give your clothes a second chance and start making love pacts for yourself and others!

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